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31 Jan 2020

First major 2020 release of AMCS Platform due in February

February 2020 the AMCS Group is launching the first of three major software releases this year of AMCS Platform bringing new benefits to the waste and recycling industry. AMCS is worldwide the leading ICT specialist for waste and recycling, investing heavily in its innovative Azure-based SAAS software, AMCS Platform.

‘With AMCS Platform, waste and recycling companies throughout the organization digitize and automate all their processes, guaranteeing them a strong foothold to proactively anticipate future developments supporting growth, increasing operational efficiency, expanding margins, reducing risks and improving environmental sustainability,’ Hans Buskens, AMCS Head of Product Marketing, stated.

The upcoming 8.2 release includes enhancements focussing on customer management, inbound and outbound logistics, the Android in-cab mobile device, driver-assisted terminals for unmanned weighing and business intelligence.

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Customer Management

Release 8.2 simplifies workflows and increases usability and functionality to AMCS Platform across customer onboarding and payments, price books and geo-fencing. Users benefit from faster onboarding, quicker call resolution and ensured service pricing even outside geographic boundaries, thus improving efficiency and margins and reducing risks.

Inbound planning and grading

An important part of the new 8.2 release is the improved functionality in demand planning and material grading and sequencing. Waste and recycling companies benefit from improved demand planning with added visibility into costs, thus optimizing inventory production runs and cashflow. Enhanced grading and sequencing now supports multi-customer inbound loads, plant processing areas, re-grading of material and visibility on who was involved, improves margins as well as the yields.The newly re-designed inbound modules reduce risks by controlling business processes around notifications, minimum data requirements, and manager approvals.

Outbound Sales

Also, the 8.2 release is delivering an intuitive and customer-centric view of the outbound logistics process. Enhancing the design and functionality of the material sales module AMCS Platform is providing an overview of end-users with a comprehensive business view of sales orders. Key benefits include complete visibility into the material sales process with a dashboard view tracking jobs, reducing administrative tasks as this is integrated to the Enterprise Management Solution and reduce resource costs through streamlining the material sales process.

Driver Assistance and Transport

In AMCS Platform 8.2 multiple improvements have been made with new and upgraded software and technologies to support the mobile workforce. The newly designed Driver Assisted Terminals (DAT), facilitating driver-assisted weighing, reduce operating costs and risks and enable plants to stay open longer, even 24/7. AMCS Mobile release is delivering added value around mitigating risk, with a chain of custody compliance documentation and workflows, and driving productivity with remote driver debrief.

Business Intelligence

Completely new in 8.2 is business intelligence offering the waste industry the possibility to describe, predict and improve business performance with the AMCS BI Datamart. Analytics solutions are involved, emphasizing real-time reports to support accurate and informed decision-making and provide more visibility into your operations.

The AMCS Platform 8.2 release in February will be available for all companies in the field of collecting municipal and residential waste, construction and demolition, commercial and industrial waste, and recycling.

Click for more info about AMCS Platform R8.2


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