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 A platform that enables established waste & recycling companies to operate smarter, more seamlessly and more digitally. 

AMCS Platform 8.3 Release

Key Highlights

Since the previous AMCS Platform release back in January, our world has become dramatically disrupted by COVID-19. Our customers, the industry, your businesses, staff, colleagues, and loved ones are each impacted. We hope that you and your family are doing well and staying healthy and safe during these unprecedented and uncertain times.

From a business standpoint, AMCS will continue to assure continuity of services and the development of our industry-leading integrated cloud Platform. Our global teams of product designers, managers and developers have worked hard to deliver the second Platform release of 2020 that will support your organisation’s evolution and growth.

AMCS Platform 8.3 release is continuing the transformation of best-practice industry processes, modules and features to our highly dynamic and intuitive web user interface. And, to support faster adoption of new features and modules, all new features are supported by the platform's embedded digital training tool. Learn more on that here

Now, lets journey through the key highlights from this release.

AMCS Platform Work Centres

The 8.3 release is launching new features and modules across user-specific work centres, each accessible online through the web-based user interface.

  • NEW self-serving Reporting & Analytics work centre, is now the central repository of the full catalogue of standard and user-defined reports and analytics within AMCS Platform.  
  • NEW Contract Management & Pricing Engine, as part of the complete Customer Management work centre, now supports a faster and streamlined set-up of contracts and pricing structures due to optimised workflows and design enhancements.
  • Transformed Materials Management work centre, now includes redesigned and optimised  Inventory Management, Production Shifts & Material Sales modules that provide greater visibility, usability and data integration.  In addition, both the Demand Planning and Grading & Quality Evaluation modules now include more feature enhancements to support the optimal supply of quality material.

Integrated Solutions

  • Digital Engagement: NEW Customer Portal APIs equips waste operators to build a mobile application or integrate AMCS Customer Portal into their service channel offered to customers. NEW Salesforce Connector now provides real-time service information between AMCS Platform and Salesforce. Additionally, there have been improvements to our self-serving portals (AMCS Customer Portal and AMCS Subcontractor Portal)
  • Mobile Workforce: Improvements to AMCS Mobile health & safety measures and a NEW route guidance feature to further support faster onboarding of new drivers, or trained drivers supporting new routes.
  • AMCS Connectivity: NEW Integrator APIs to support the integration of software and technology with AMCS Platform

1. AMCS Analytics 

New self-serving Reporting & Analytics work centre

Key Highlights:

  • Brand-new work centre for all platform-related reporting and analytic features
  • Reporting and Analytics work centre empowers customers to build, format and export reports to manage their own business insights
  • Easy-to-use interface to a central repository of the full catalogue of standard and user-defined reports

See feature highlights and screenshots.

2. AMCS Platform Connectivity

New Rest API, Customer Portal API & Salesforce Connector

Key highlights: 

  • New REST API that provides RESTful access to the primary modules on AMCS Platform to third party software systems, such as financial, CRM, weighbridge and mobile platforms.
  • New AMCS Customer Portal APIs, equips Waste Operators to build mobile applications or integrate with their pre-existing web applications
  •  New Salesforce Connector, that allows interaction with AMCS Platform Enterprise Management solution from within Salesforce

See feature highlights and screenshots.

3.Contract Management & Pricing Engine

Improvements to Contract Management & Pricing Engine 

Key highlights:

  • Workflows have been optimised to support faster and easier set-up of contracts and pricing structures
  • The user experience and overall design have been enhanced and improved

See feature highlights and screenshots.



4. Recycling & Processing

Improvements to Inventory Management, Production Shifts & Material Sales modules

Key highlights: 

  • Drive inventory efficiencies with improved visibility and management of inventory levels by material and outlet
  • Better manage production shifts (operations) with new features to provide greater clarity, monitoring and increased productivity.
  • Reduce administrative efforts with new functionality to more efficiently manage the receipting of hazardous materials across many outlets.

 See feature highlights and screenshots.

5. Recycling & Processing 

Enhancements to Demand Planning and Grading & Quality Evaluation modules

Key highlights:

  • Heighten support for yard inspectors with enhancements to material receipting and enforcement measures in the Grading & Quality module
  • Increase planning efficiencies with further enhancements to the Demand Planning module to ensure an optimum supply of material meet production and sales demands

See feature highlights and screenshots.

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6. Self-service Portals  

Improvements to Customer and Subcontractor Portals

Key highlights: 

  • AMCS Customer Portal: Operators now have real-time visibility of transport orders and greater operator insights on customer activity
  • AMCS Subcontractor Portal: Operators now have real-time visibility of job order status and route confirmations within AMCS Enterprise Management Solution

See feature highlights and screenshots.


7. AMCS Mobile Workforce

Improvements to AMCS Mobile Workforce health and safety & AMCS Guided Navigation

Key highlights:

  • Reduce the time to onboard drivers and eliminate collection errors with a new route guidance feature
  • Improve driver safety at sites with the ability to detail potential risks at a customer site level through a new site audit document, accessible through AMCS Mobile

See feature highlights and screenshots.

8. Weighbridge Operations

Improvements to data validation and rules

Key highlights:

  • Add new fields and enforce specific business rules to ensure that weighbridge ticket works as a one-stop-shop.
  • Weighbridge operations are now provided with the ability to associate, to the weighbridge ticket, key information and documents related to export orders.

See feature highlights and screenshots.

9. Hazardous Waste 

Improvements to receiving hazardous materials

Key highlights:

  • Ability to create jobs or manifests at the receiving dock
  • Ability to quick edit pricing and manifest

See feature highlights and screenshots.

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