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Secure data

Using the latest technology, you can keep your data secure by setting user and operator specific security levels maintaining control of your system security as well as operator accountability.

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Easy to use interface

With a seamless, easy-to-use interface, scale house operators can create scale tickets with speed and simplicity all while capturing the most pertinent data required for specific reporting requirements.

AMCS Weighbridge

Inbound, outbound, gate arrivals, on-site inventory

AMCS Weighbridge interfaces with your weighbridge to provide real-time, reliable and accurate information for each individual job. It enables you to track all incoming and outgoing material at the weighbridge including both scheduled jobs and on-site gate arrivals. This information is the cornerstone of both the accounting and environmental departments within your business.

All information can be tracked at company and depot level, allowing centralized material management. In addition, materials can be linked to a price index to reflect real-time price changes, removing the need for manual updates and ensuring profitable revenue in material sales. AMCS Weighbridge includes a configurable interface allowing weighing information to be retrieved directly into the application.  It has been inter-operated with the industry-leading weighbridge manufacturers.

AMCS Weighbridge Hardware

Dynamic and Static Weighing Solutions

AMCS offers dynamic and static market-leading weighbridges developed to meet the needs of your business. Our weighbridge solutions enable you to weigh all incoming and outgoing material. This is key if your company is selling or charging by weight, needs to document regulatory compliance regarding overload, or simply wants to achieve maximum operational efficiency. With AMCS Weighbridges you are able to collect and manage weight information faster and easier, making your operations more productive and efficient.

Based on 25 years of experience of designing and producing weighbridge solutions, AMCS offers high-quality products. The weighing solutions are built for Nordic conditions and tough environments, and can be provided as attended or unattended weighbridges.

Dynamic or static weighbridge?

If your company has a steady flow of vehicles entering and exiting your site, and the weighing procedure needs to be conducted swiftly, a dynamic weighbridge is the right solution for you, as vehicles do not need stop while weighing is conducted.

Despite the relatively small size of the dynamic weighbridge it enables you to weigh vehicles of any length. This factor is highly relevant if you do not know the maximum length of the vehicles you need to weigh.

A dynamic weighbridge is also ideal if you need to comply with axle load limits as the load on each axle is weighed individually, fast, and accurately when the vehicle crosses the weighbridge.​

Major benefits

  • Reduced revenue leakage by addressing the problem of revenue lost through inaccurate weighing and thus pricing
  • Increased efficiency at the weighbridge as the weighing system can be operated by the driver
  • Ability to document compliance with regulations regarding overload
  • Ability to optimize and achieve a paperless work processes
  • Improved overview and efficiency of operations as the weighbridge can be integrated to Waste Management and ERP system for weighing notes, inventory management, reports, statistics, invoicing, etc.


In addition, AMCS Dynamic Weighbridge provides the following benefits:

  • Increased logistical efficiency at the weighbridge as vehicles are automatically weighed without stopping
  • Independent axle load measurements to ensure that axle load limits are not exceeded
  • Ability to weigh vehicles of any length

AMCS Dynamic Weighbridge

AMCS Dynamic Weighbridge is a modular weighing system; it can handle unlimited vehicle lengths. Vehicles can travel across the weighbridge as it weighs and records vehicle weights. The weighbridge also offers automatic identification.

  • Type approval and verification: The dynamic weighbridge is type approved according to the international directives OIML R134 (automatic instruments for weighing road vehicles in motion and measuring axle loads). Consequently, the weighing solution can be used for business which requires verified weighing.
  • Weigh & register without stopping: With our dynamic weighing system you can weigh and record a vehicle without the need to stop the vehicle. The system senses and adds the weight of each axle as the vehicle moves across it.
  • High reliability: If additional reliability is required a solution with inbuilt redundancy can be provided so that in the event of a failure the weighbridge can continue to be operated without negatively impacting business operations.
  • High accuracy: Our patented algorithm ensures the highest possible accuracy for each weighing.
  • Simple installation: The weighbridge is quick and easy to install.
  • Flexibility: The weighing system allows for any length of vehicle to be registered.

AMCS Static Weighbridge

AMCS Static Weighbridge is a modular weighing system with a maximum capacity of 100 tonnes. It is highly robust and can be installed either above or under ground.

  • Type approval and verification: The static weighbridge is type approved according to the international directives OIML lll and EU directives 90/384/EEC. Consequently, the weighing solution can be used for business which requires verified weighing.
  • Solid and built to last: Solid weighing system which is designed and produced for tough environments. For best performance and longevity, the weigh bridge is made of high-quality concrete with advanced steel reinforcement, and the load cells are made of stainless steel. The hatches are easily opened and accessed for cleaning and service.
  • High accuracy: Our solution ensures the highest possible accuracy for each weighing
  • Simple installation: The weighbridge is quick and easy to install
  • Flexible: Expandable and modular design to meet customer needs. The weighbridge can be provided with a total length of 6, 12, 18, 24 or 30 metres

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