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CLEAR ERP for the Waste and Recycling Industry


ERP for the Waste Management Industry

CLEAR - Where to find Enterprise Management Information

Following the acquisition of GMT Europe in 2016, the CLEAR Solution website was fully integrated into our AMCS Group website. 

CLEAR: designed for the waste & recycling industry

CLEAR is an integral ERP system especially developed for the waste- and recycling-industry.

The application is user-friendly and flexible to adjust to your specific needs. Thanks to CLEAR you can make the right decisions fast. CLEAR ensures uniformity, data-assurance and data-flow.

Your profits: lower costs, better communication, faster service and clear and singular processes. CLEAR is relevant for all services in waste-collection, recycling and recyclable materials trading.

With CLEAR you can see precisely what is going well and what should be going better. Focused on all your locations and activities or very specifically in a particular area. Loads, hours, results, transport and orders. CLEAR is the cost-efficient solution that evolves alongside your own business development. With CLEAR you continuously oversee your total processes and stay prepared for changes in the industry.

CLEAR covers your primary processes in its entirety

Current sales-, contact- and contract details, activity planning, weighing, order fulfillment and billing and even accounting.

CLEAR has proven that it quickly pays for itself.

  • Customer Contact Centre. Use this link to take-in orders and directly set to planning in three clicks. Whether through portal or app, orders are instantly filed in the back-office.
  • Contracts/SLA’s. Shows contract dates, order frequencies, agreed price scales and it’s exceptions.
  • Engineered to prepare tasks. supplying the needed documents, route optimization, path planning for mobile containers and area zones. Local districts often use the optimization software for their tenders and contracts.
  • Planning. This is used for timetables, teams, drivers and vehicles to be bound to routes. The itineraries, documents and order-slips will be sent real-time to device or Mobile Order Management app.
  • Operation. Remain in control of operations. With this orders and reports may be scheduled en route, instantly updated in onboard device or Mobile Order Management app, enabling the driver to implement the order.
  • Financial. The power of CLEAR is it’s integration with your financial administration. CLEAR does the billing and accounting automatically. Thereby providing you all operational data real-time. As soon as a signature is received on the device the invoice is ready to be sent. And faster billing improves cash-flow.


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