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Less mileage, fewer stops, reduced fuel consumption ultimately, lower CO2 emissions.

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Filling levels have been optimized from 60% to now 80%


Together we recycle everything

Omrin is the Frisian word for recycle. Our passion is ultimately also recycling. We have ambitions in the field of circular economy, inclusive society, innovation and connectivity. We collect household waste and its components in 18 municipalities for about 207,000 households. We do this together with 450 proud employees and that has made us the most sustainable company in the Netherlands in 2019. We use the AMCS software for route optimization in the three northern Frisian municipalities and this constitutes approximately 400-450 underground, semi-underground and above-ground residential waste containers.


Niek Westerhof-Operational Manager Collection & Recycling Omrin: "At first, we had the challenge of the low fill levels we had at that time, the unpredictability in planning, and in addition, we were on the eve for an expansion in the logistics area. And we finally found a solution for that.

We started the implementation with an inventory of our assets. We checked to see if we had the right coordinates, the number of valve movements when a container is full and the types of content. Important spearheads in this were the creation of peace of mind on planning and to keep manual operations to a minimum. Natasja Vemmer-Business Consultant Omrin


Herwin van den Hengel-Planner Omrin: "We switched from semi-dynamic collection to dynamic collection.

For us, that meant that we don't empty the containers until they're completely full which means we have fewer pickups per day and thus a saving.

Our process is to check the containers at night through IoT functionality. This way the containers pass on the fill level to the AMCS solution, which means it has a schedule ready in the morning. I'll check the schedule in the morning to see if everything is all right, or that there are excesses in it, and I'll forward the planning to the trucks."

Johan Geerdink-Truck Driver Omrin: "I get my assignments in the morning via the on-board computer. And then every day it's just a question of how many containers. It's a great system that works efficiently. Basically, you only empty the bins that are really needed, full bins. We used to do it on a static route and now we do it based on the fill level system. That works very smoothly."


Van den Hengel: "The result for us is that we can empty extra containers, without having to use additional vehicles. With the software, we have much better predictive insights. So, for example with the holidays, Easter, Whit Sunday or Ascension day, we get much better predictions. How many vehicles we need to deploy to empty the containers in time. 

The software has contributed to the fact that we have much better customer service, it's also stabilized. We've got less mileage, fewer stops, reduced fuel consumption, and therefore, ultimately, lower CO2 emissions."

Filling levels have been optimized from 60% to now 80%, there's been more peace of mind at the planning department and we've got a whole new area, a huge expansion, included in the dynamic planning.

We chose AMCS because they have a proven solution in the waste sector, they are renowned in the waste sector and we made a number of reference visits, and in the end, that confirmed our choice.", according to a satisfied Westerhof.

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