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Reinis truck sweeper

30% savings on mileage by use of navigation

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Improved customer communication


Customer centric services and 30% savings on mileage

Reinis is a waste services company that foresees the challenge to stay ahead in the changing waste industry and to focus on the customer’s needs. The biggest change ahead, according to Bijker, supervisor at Reinis, is that; “In the near future, waste will only be collected when needed That is true customer centric service. Besides, we see that more and more waste materials will be collected separately. With our current navigation software, we were unable to maintain these trends sufficiently.”

The Challenge

Our challenge is to make sure that both client and personnel are the priority for addressing questions in ICT. For over 18 years we have been satisfied with AMCS back office software, and we want to remain so. Doing so means fully complementing our back-office systems with Mobile Workforce.”

The Solution

With Mobile Workforce, we use a solution that seamlessly fits with our back-office systems and allows our drivers to execute added orders throughout the day, and they can easily report on their current route statistics when needed.

The results

Instantly we realised results. In the first month we saved more than 30% on our mileage with the use of its navigation system. This, besides the reduction of CO2, means a direct saving of our costs. On the other hand, communication with our clients has improved. Both drivers and dispatchers are connected to Mobile Workforce. This allows the driver to instantly send back a customer-file-attached photograph to customer support, if needed.

Learn more

Download the case study and learn about all benefits and results Reinis has achieved by implementing mobile workforce and Enterprise management!

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